The Only Remarkable Thing About Matt Lauer Getting Fired Today

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At this point in the Great Sexual Harassment Culling of 2017, most people shrug an move on, especially for someone as uninteresting as Matt Lauer.

To the best of our knowledge, there were no breaking stories about major celebrities or politicians getting accused or fired over sexual abuse, harassment or other professional misconduct…over the Thanksgiving break. That meant there was a substantial pause in the Great Sexual Harassment Culling of 2017, which has seen as many as three or four show biz careers end in a 24 hour period. Not to worry, though, as the career hangman is back at work, this time terminating Matt Lauer’s employ at NBC.

Now Matt Lauer is one of those anchors who makes…er…made millions just kind of being there. He was that good enough combination of being pleasant enough that TV viewers didn’t cringe at the sight of him and being informed enough that he could remember his guests’ names. He’ll be missed, most likely when his name is the answer to a question at pub trivia in another ten years.

A Thanksgiving Foreshadowing

While everyone woke up to the new that Matt Lauer had been fired for an allegation of sexual harassment and responded by hitting the snooze button, our brain kicked into gear and we spent a minute wracking it, running through our memory, trying to remember “Who called this on Thanksgiving?” Fortunately, we remembered (and we’ll conceal their names to protect the innocent…)

Matt Lauer Thanksgiving Before Fired Foreshadowing

If you think that is foreshadowing, check out these comments to that post…

Needless to say, we’re taking our friend to Vegas and seeing how he feels about some football games and the colors black and red. No, you can’t come. He’s OURS!!!

A Rhode Island Connection

The only other notable aspect about Matt Lauer for our Rhode Island readers is the fact that he used to anchor PM Magazine at WJAR Channel 10 in Providence back in the mid-eighties. So yes, this does ultimately end up as an unemployment story featuring Rhode Island.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Prediction Correspondent

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