Revive Your Image At The Vanderbilt Grace On April 2

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Attend a powerful workshop with a group of like-minded women in Newport, RI.

Are you a woman who:

  • Is experiencing a life/career transition?
  • Desires to harness your life’s purpose?
  • Needs to update your professional image?
  • Is looking to clarify your personal and professional life goals?

Then we might have found the perfect event for you.

Revive Your Image & Give Yourself A Fresh Start

Suzanne Ramponi, Certified Life Coach

On April 2, from 8am to 1pm at the Vanderbilt Grace Hotel, Certified Life Coach Suzanne Ramponi and Personal Branding Specialist Jennifer Bonoff are teaming up with a group of hair stylists, makeup artists and photographers to help create a more confident and empowered you.

Jennifer Bonoff, Personal Branding Specialist

Springtime is all about renewal and the perfect time to clean out the cobwebs of your professional online presence as you prepare to make some changes. Suzanne Ramponi will teach you how to rediscover your passions and bring them to bear on the goals you know you can attain. Jennifer Bonoff will then teach you how to leverage your online presence using tools like LinkedIn to establish your authority, attract opportunities and gain a competitive advantage moving forward.

April is also a beautiful time to visit Newport if you’re thinking of coming in from out of town. The sun comes out, the flowers start to bloom, but you get to experience the city coming to life without the crowds, traffic and hectic pace of the summer season. It really is the perfect time and place to break into a new you.

Discounts on rooms and spa services at the Vanderbilt Grace are available. Details on the Revive Your Image website.

Or just book yourself into this event right now.

It’s up to you. You’re making the calls now.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Springtime Correspondent

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