A Rhode Island Craft Beer Has The Perfect Tasting Notes

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On the cans of Rhode Island’s own Sons of Liberty Uprising Nitro Stout, there are tasting notes that perfectly reflect the current craft beer climate.

Tasting notes are sort of odd creatures in the world of alcoholic beverages. With wines, the description provided by the vineyards typically describes some version of a luxurious fruit salad, which can lead one to wonder why they typically use only grapes to make the stuff. With beers, especially craft beers, the official tasting notes are usually minimalist, if not non-existent, though when provided, they will typically describe actual ingredients used to give a beer its flavor. You might get a small list of the hops used to make an IPA, which gives a seasoned beer connoisseur an idea of whether the beer will be bitter or fruity or what-have-you. The fact of the matter is that, while most beer snobs have their preference in regards to styles, they’ll drink just about anything from a reputable brewery…especially if they haven’t had it before. This sets the scene for a great statement on the scene, found on a Rhode Island craft beer can.

That Sons Of Liberty sense of humor.

Sons Of Liberty Spirit (and Brewing and…i dunno, probably cidering and whatever it is that’s used to make Four Loko next) Co. has established themselves as the class clowns of the Rhode Island adult beverage market. They made a name for themselves selling whiskeys and then vodkas and a gin. Also for trolling Peyton Manning. Then they announced that they were going to sell beer, aka “the lazy distillers’ whiskey” (seriously, beer is just undistilled whiskey and vice-versa).

Sons of Liberty just released their Uprising Nitro Stout in cans. Here are the tasting notes:

Rhode Island Craft Beer Sons Of Liberty Uprising Tasting Notes

Yep. Sons of Liberty gets what written descriptions of beer mean in the real world. You DGAF and they DGAF. It’s a beer. Try it. If you like it, drink more of it. If you don’t, try any of the hundred new ones that got released last week. A simple number on Untappd is going to mean more to potential buyer than an entire thesis by the marketing folks.

Want to try Uprising Nitro Stout?

Well, you can go to the brewery tasting room. We know Bridge Liquors has it in stock as we’re writing this and expect it to be found at other great Rhode Island craft beer shops around the state.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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