Rhode Island: Where Donald Trump Fears To Tread

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Trump won’t make campaign stop in Ocean State, among fears of “disruptive protestors and other factors”.

For a politician who candidacy advocates bringing a lot of bravado overseas, we’ve learned what actually scares Donald Trump: Rhode Islanders. The Presidential Candidate cancelled a possible campaign stop in RI on Friday over security concerns.

The Rhode Island State Police told NBC 10’s Gene Valicenti that efforts to bring the GOP candidate have been halted “over disruptive protesters and other factors.”

Disruptive protesters aren’t a concern for Bill Clinton, who’s speaking at CCRI today. “Thank you Bill Clinton for showing more courage than Donald Trump” isn’t a term that comes up in conversation very often. Thank God he’s still running as a Republican, so we can make things like this…

trump scared of ri

If we were Joe Trillo, RI’s honorary Trump campaign chairman, security concerns over protesters wouldn’t be our stepping off point. If you think about it, if Trump role model Vladimir Putin wanted to speak in Rhode Island, it would take more than a few radical Brown students to scare him off.

After all, Trump is the guy who said of Senator John McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Now he’s surrendering Rhode Island to the unwashed hippies without even a metaphorical shot being fired.

If we were Trump, we’d write off Rhode Island by explaining “When it comes to delegates, I only win LOTS of delgates. I’m not interested in winning a few delegates. And Rhode Island, that’s all you have. A FEW delegates.” But having failed to do that, he looks like a man cowering in the face of a few potential hecklers. It’s not a good look for a main claiming to have the balls to fix the country.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Campaign Correspondent

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