“We Are Rhode Island” Video Pulled After Footage From Iceland Discovered

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RI’s troubled marketing campaign unveil has another stumble.

It’s been just over 24 hours since a campaign to boost Rhode Island’s economy was revealed and so far the reaction has been…a word association game of “cluster”, “monkey” and “football”. First, everyone decided that having the self-contradicting slogan of “Cooler, Warmer” was somewhat lacking and started to coming up with their own “improvements”.

warmer cooler meme 4 warmer cooler meme 3 warmer cooler meme 2 warmer cooler meme 1

Then, today, the video “We Are Rhode Island” was revealed on Youtube and all was forgiven…for a couple hours. It’s a beautiful video, which highlights all of Rhode Island’s virtues in incredible high-definition. There was only one problem.

Kevin Aherne over at 990WBOB discovered that not all that footage of Ocean State¬†beauty was actually filmed in Rhode Island…or North America, for that matter.

Rhode Island Video Iceland

So we decided to check out the video again. A whole bunch of our friends had shared it on Facebook, so it wasn’t hard to find a link. Only, imagine our shock when we discovered the link is now dead.

Pulled Video

Of course, Rhode Islanders might not be so irritated about a $5 million marketing campaign having a rough start, if that money hadn’t gone to a New York City firm, when Rhode Island has so much marketing talent right here at home.

Given that we dabble in marketing and promotions ourselves, we could have easily botched a marketing launch for a fraction of the price paid for this boondoggle.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Promotions Correspondent

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