Rhode Island Web Series Brings Out All The Awkwardness Of Modern “Romance”

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“I’ll Call You” is funny, cringeworthy.

With the tagline “Studies show that one in five relationships started online end in marriage, what they don’t show is the other four end in restraining orders!” you know you’re about to witness a horrorshow of dating disasters.

Jon is a struggling screenwriter (because if you’re in the spot where you’re a writer for a web series, you have to write what you know). He just got married…and had his highly-strung wife leave him on their wedding night after he fails to meet her sky-high sexual expectations.

Now he’s back on the market, trying to find romance while working to land a film. Luckily (for us, not necessarily for him), he’s got some friends working to help him in both endeavors. Aside from being the shoulders for him to cry on while recounting his tales of dating disaster, their “assistance” proves either self-serving or counterproductive for Jon’s purposes, though fun on our end.

There are quite a few truths to be found in I’ll Call You. Fat guys with beards generally do have dirty, dirty minds and an encyclopedic knowledge of sexual positions and acts. High-maintenance women who treat restaurant staff badly are terrible people and filthy, filthy whores.

And speaking of “getting help”, Jon’s therapist is probably the series’ most peculiar character. One can’t help but think that rather than helping Jon work through his baggage, he’s just loading him up with more.

Anyhow, Rhode Islanders can enjoy checking out plenty of Ocean State references sprinkled throughout the series. We’ve caught three episodes so far, and are looking forward to the fourth. As is the nature with these kind of things, it’s a bit uneven, though surprisingly well produced.

Check out episode 2 here:

Episode 3 features a great capture of that moment when you run into…well, you’ll catch it.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Anti-Rom-Com Correspondent

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