Rhode Island Woman Discovers Long-Lost Irish Cemetery

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Bristol’s Annie McMullen was just trying to research her husband’s ancestors and their escape from the Potato Famine.

She knew that Bill McMullen, her husband, had a great-great-grandfather who had migrated to the Waltham area to escape Ireland in the 1800s. Annie also learned that one of his three brothers had died in an accident and been buried at the Church Street Cemetery in Waltham.

She just couldn’t find the Church Street Cemetery.

A trip to Church Street revealed St. Mary’s Church, a school and homes…but no cemetery. This obviously spiked McMullen’s curiosity. Rather than giving up, she doubled her efforts, finally finding an 1880 map that identified that Church Street Cemetery as the Irish Catholic Cemetery. That cemetery was located exactly where she had looked…which meant it was gone.

But where were the tombstones, coffins and most importantly, the bodies?


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