Rhode Island’s Biggest Trump Supporter Is Taking Over Newport’s Talk Radio Station

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John DePetro “will make Rhode Island afternoon radio great again” at WADK.

At the end of 2016, embattled morning radio host John DePetro announced that he was ending his 9am-noon radio show at 630 WPRO AM. He hadn’t been on the air since the start of December and finally on Christmas Eve, took to his blog to announce his departure from WPRO. Now, he’s just announced his return.

In a new post, he has announced that he will be back on the air, starting tomorrow, at Newport’s WADK. The John Depetro Show will run 1pm-5pm weekday afternoons and repeat 10pm-2am, meaning that 1/3 of WADK’s weekday programming will be DePetro. On Saturdays, listeners will be able to catch a 2 hour “John DePetro Show Week in Review”, for a grand total of 42 hours of The John DePetro Show per week.

We’re assuming WADK priced in a boycott from the union-backed “For Our Daughters” organization, which was established back in 2013 with the only purpose of getting DePetro off the air. Their celebration in December now appears to be premature, so that person or persons running the organization will have to fire up the old letter-writing campaign.

So if you thought that Newport was missing some public discussion about President Trump, illegal immigrants, walls and more, it would appear that you’re in luck. If that’s not your cup of tea, MVY is on 88.7 FM.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Radio Correspondent

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