Rhode Island’s Self-Esteem Problem

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Lots of people love to visit the Ocean State…but how do the people who actually live here feel?

Rhode Island has always been an interesting place. The scenic expanses of Narragansett Bay give us more beautiful views than states ten times our size. One glance at a population map of the United States will tell you that the intersection of the ocean and sea is where most people like to be. Or, perhaps more accurately, have decided to be.

In the case of Rhode Island (and a few other select states) it would appear that a whole lot of people may live here, but it’s only while they’re trying to decide the best way to escape. These attitudes were reflected in a Gallop Poll of state residents published last year.

In the first part of the poll, is the percentage of a state’s residents who think it’s the “Worst Possible State To Live In”. Illinois takes the top spot with 25%. Rhode Island is listed at #3 with 17%, though it’s apparently tied with Connecticut.


Next up…how many Rhode Islander love the state.


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