RI Community Named One Of “The Coolest Towns You’ve Never Heard Of”

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Newport County has a town Thrillist recommends that “You should visit right now”…but the residents probably are not going to be too keen about the idea of everyone doing that quite this minute.

A couple weeks back, Thrillist.com published THE COOLEST TOWNS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF (THAT YOU SHOULD VISIT RIGHT NOW), which consisted of a dozen quirky, beautiful towns from across our great nation.

As one might expect, you get places like Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii and Ouray, Colorado. We have to admit, there’s a bit of a Western bias in this list, with only 4 towns east of the Mississippi.

Fortunately, one of them is right in Newport’s backyard.

Little Compton Green

Little Compton, Rhode Island

Note that Little Compton is in no way related to Eazy-E’s Compton. Instead, it’s where you’d expect the Kennedys to hang out if they hadn’t chosen Hyannis Port instead. Locals surf at South Shore Beach, close to a shallow tidal creek and wildlife refuge called Goosewing Beach. Each summer, area artists open their spaces as part of the surrounding area’s annual Studio Tours.
What to do: The local scallops are some of the freshest you’ll ever eat and you can stuff your face silly during Crowther’s all-you-can-eat fish and chips Tuesdays (a whopping nine bucks).

We’ve heard worse summaries of Little Compton.

We, ourselves, would describe Little Compton as a place that fills you with so much beauty that you need someone to share it with.

ed king photography little compton

Credit: Ed King Photography


Of course, Little Compton isn’t designed for a massive influx of tourists like Newport is. The nightlife is…well, generally non-existent. Or secret.

Little Comptonites like life quiet and they like that quiet early. So if you follow Thrillist’s advice and visit Little Compton, realize that you probably want to get there early, because you’re not going to want to stay too late.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comptonite Correspondent

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