RI’s Richard Hatch Returning To Reality TV

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The original ‘Survivor’ is heading back to the small screen.

Arguably Aquidneck Island’s most famous resident in recent years, Richard Hatch skyrocketed to fame in 2000 by winning the premiere season of the reality TV show ‘Survivor’. He won a million dollars for that. Then in 2006 he was made even more famous by being sent to Federal prison by the IRS because they and Hatch had a little disagreement whether he was supposed to pay taxes on those winnings.

He’s been out of jail for a few years now and back in Rhode Island. If you’re out and about in Newport or Middletown, there’s a chance you might catch a glimpse of him.

Or, with news that broke yesterday, a bit less of him.

The Biggest Loser

Richard Hatch Biggest Loser

Richard Hatch has been announced as a contestant on the next season of The Biggest Loser. The 54 year-old Hatch has entered the competition at 314 lbs with a target weight of 225 lbs.

Not The First Islander To Lose Big

Interestingly enough, Richard Hatch isn’t the only local to have entered The Biggest Loser competition. 1996 Middletown High School graduate Rudy Pauls placed second in the 2009 season of the show.

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