Romance: How Does Rhode Island Rank?

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Probably higher than you think it does.

Virginia who? The southern commonwealth may claim that it is the place for lovers, but according to some absolutely flawless and not at all questionable research performed by diet and exercise tracker MyFitnessPal,

They basically created a “romance index” based on each state’s consumption of chocolate and champagne, combined with how often people logged their sexual endeavors into their exercise record…and who should rank at the top but Little Rhody herself.

Of course, while champagne and chocolate may be associated with romance, it’s not unheard of for people not in a romantic situation to consume them. Perhaps researchers should have cross-referenced their data with ice cream consumption to work out who was stuffing their faces while binge watching Downton Abbey in decidedly unromantic pity parties…with sex that takes place without a booty-call text at 2am.

Questionable methodology aside, of course Rhode Island is the most romantic state…and Newport is the most romantic city. That’s why some many people get engaged and married here. Look around…the only thing more beautiful than the scenery is the scenery with someone you love.

And one does not drop $500 a night on a room with a beautiful view of the harbor just to sip on Capri Sun. You have to go for the bubbly. It’s not as though Newport doesn’t have some amazing chocolate shops either. We’re guessing the number of oysters consumed in town is likely  a tad higher than average…given that half the restaurants in town have a raw bar.

There’s no question that Rhode Island is a beautiful, romantic place to bring someone for a romantic escapade. The question is how much romance is to be found for those who are just hanging out here, doing the “living” thing.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Aphrodisiac Correspondent

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