Salve Regina Climbs In US News Rankings

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Newport, RI’s resident university is moving up in the world!

US News & World Report was once a national news magazine that happened to put out college rankings and now a college ranking company with a news blog. Yesterday they announced this year’s rankings and revealed that Salve Regina University is now ranked 32nd in the Regional Universities North category which encompasses 195 schools.

Salve tied with New York Institute of Technology and Rutgers – Camden for 32nd. This places it ahead of Roger Williams University, which was ranked 35th in another 3 way tie. Johnson & Wales comes in a 67th, while RIC is at 137th, which has the distinction of being the last numerical rank before the non-numerically ranked leftovers.

So all the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Salve Regina University can give themselves a big pat on the back for a job well done, especially because the University was ranked 36th last year and so has climbed up four notches on US News’ pole.

So there you have it. Salve is not just packs of pretty Jersey girls in sweatpants, wandering around downtown on the prowl for pumpkin spice lattes, nor is it simply a lot of Connecticut girls who can go out in 5ºF weather wearing nothing but a little black cocktail dress on their way to see Stu Sinclair at the Pelham. After all, there are also guys who attend the university. And mixed in with all this are people who study.

So congrats, Salve!

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Salve Correspondent

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