Science Says Jealousy Works

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Want More Lovin’ From Your Man? Try This.

Are you a woman who wants more attention from your man? A new study may have discovered one way to get more attention (and sex) from your squeeze.

The Daily Mail reports on findings from the Journal of Comparative Psychology:

Women who have more male friends and colleagues are having more sex than women who surround themselves with females.

These ‘guys’ girls’ enjoy more romantic attention because their boyfriends and partners feel in competition with their male friends which pushes them to try harder in the bedroom, according to research.

So if you’re a lady who hasn’t gotten what they want in the bedroom, feel free to make some new friends…like, say, a local rugby team. That way, your man will either step up…or you have plenty of options when he doesn’t.

Speaking of being a dirty, dirty whore, it turns out that men find women more attractive when they’re worried that they might just be a cheating slut.

Michael Pham, the lead author on the study told Fusion: ‘A lot of work shows that men are sexually aroused by their partner when they estimate a greater likelihood of partner infidelity.

‘This does not mean that men want their partner to cheat on them. Rather, this means that if they estimate a greater likelihood of their partner’s infidelity, then they may (subconsciously) want to have sex with her to enter into sperm competition.’

So if you’ve ever wondered why your one friend who sleeps around can keep sleeping around and sleeping around until she’s, well, full…it turns out that exactly the kind of behavior that men might claim they despise actually attracts them. If you’re a guy who wonders why you can’t get that one girl at work who’s been with half your co-workers out of your head, it turns out that your uglies want to get in on that “sperm competition”.

The funniest aspect about this is that the whole jealousy game is that it’s not about how attractive or desirable the particular female is. As far as the guys are concerned, she could be this week’s Fantasy Football win. They just want to beat the other guys.

The problem with such a situation is that once the competition ends, so does that increased attractiveness. Fortunately for the bedroom, once a guy knows he can’t trust a woman to be faithful, he’s going to have that insecurity for a long, long time…especially if she’s got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls “friends”.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Science Correspondent

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