RI’s Sean Spicer Is Out At White House…

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Another Trump tie to Rhode Island is gone as Press Secretary Sean Spicer quits.

The draw of the Rhode Island summer must have been too much for Sean Spicer. He was back in the state for the 4th of July weekend, strolling down Newport’s Thames Street and being stalked by local comedian Doug  Key. We can only speculate but one could see how summering in Rhode Island would have plenty of appeal over defending an embattled Trump administration.

A native of Barrington, Spicer has, in the last year, become one of the more notable alumni of Portsmouth Abbey. Given that he is now out of the Trump administration, according to the NY Times, we’re curious if a return to Rhode Island will be as polarizing as his last visit. (The comments got pretty brutal.)

Well, Mr. Spicer…all your luck on your next endeavor. It surely won’t be as challenging as your last one.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Press Secretary Correspondent

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