See Newport and Rhode Island Through 1947’s Eyes

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Many things have changed…and how many have stayed the same.

Going back almost 70 years, this film reminds you of how things have changed right at the start of the video, with the four words “the first white settlement”. Culturally, there have been many changes in the state (and the country) and we just have to accept that certain attitudes have changed with the times.

Rhode Island has many important historical sites and they were recognized in 1947 just as they are today. The Old Colony House on Washington Square is recognized as our state’s proudest historical landmark, where Rhode Island becameĀ the first state to accept the Declaration of Independence.

Newport features prominently in the filmĀ and it’s amazing how much has stayed the same. What’s interesting (and a little disappointing) is to see how productive the state was back then. We were the most industrialized state in the country. Today, not so much.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast History Correspondent

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