Have You Seen All Of These Obama/Biden Memes?

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Barack Obama preparing to welcome President-Elect Trump while Joe Biden plots practical jokes is probably the best thing to come out of the election.

When Barack Obama brough Joe Biden to as his vice-presidential candidate back in 2008, the old Joe was supposed to bring “gravitas” to the inexperienced Senator’s ticket. While it’s true that Biden had plenty of experience in Washington, he was better known for running his mouth than having a calm hand on Washington’s tiller.

A good chunk of the Obama administration’s comedic potential was lost because political cartoonists and humorists worried that parodying the President would be racist. Biden, however, was fair game, at least for the The Onion.

But only now is Obama and Biden in their comic stride as new memes have suddenly appeared in the wake of Donald Trump’s unexpected election. Biden has gone full Eddie Haskel and spends his time plotting ways to mess with the White House’s impending tenant, while Obama has to struggle to reign in the little scamp and remain Presidential.









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