Selfie Stick Aerobics Have Arrived (Video)

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This is certainly one way to make the selfie stick more girly.

There are plenty of gender divides in social media. Among them are how boys and girls typically take photographs of things. Boys, typically, aim their phone/camera/whatever at whatever thing and take a pic. Girls, typically, find a way to put themselves in between the camera and whatever they want to show everyone.

Everyone’s come to expect this, as girls are pretty good at expressing themselves through themselves, while boys…aren’t quite so talented in that department. This is fine because it’s generally agreed that everyone likes looking at the females of the species, while boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dogs tails.

That said, when the selfie stick appeared, it was taken by many as a sign that we’d hit peak humanity and everything moving forward is going to be a grand decline into vacuous narcissism. While a tad on the dramatic side, we haven’t actually been presented with any evidence that they’re actually wrong.

Artists Arvida Byström and Maja Malou Lyse are from Denmark, a country that’s been in the news recently for being mentioned on CNN for being some kind of paradise (though Byström currently lives in LA, which rarely gets the same compliment from our national media).

They came up with a video that parodies selfie sticks, promotes positive body images for women and features a whole lot of the color pink.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Narcissism Correspondent

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