Seven Reasons NOT To Throw Pickle Juice At Your Boyfriend

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A Newport woman learned this week that throwing pickle juice at her boyfriend will get you arrested. We found a few more reasons why it’s a bad idea.

In Newport’s police blotter story of the week, a Newport woman was arrested after beaming her boyfriend with a jar of pickle juice. Newport Patch reports:

NEWPORT, RI—Police charged a city woman with several domestic charges after she allegedly threw a bottle of pickle juice at a man who suffered a head injury as a result.

Colleen Marie Jackson, 50, of 35 Hammond St., was arrested after police responded to a 911 hangup call on Wednesday and found the residence in disarray and the victim covered in pickle seeds.

However, over at the website, Rebecca Endicott has seven reason why you should never throw pickle juice away (or at anyone).

  1. Pickle juice eases heartburn
  2. Pickle juice soothes your sunburn
  3. Pickle juice relaxes muscles
  4. Pickle juice helps a sore throat
  5. Pickle juice cleans copper pans
  6. Pickle juice fertilizes plants
  7. Pickle juice adds flavor

There is one time and place to throw pickle juice out there and that’s at the Wasted Talent Show tonight at Studio 3. If you say “Pickle Juice” at the door, it will save you $5 off your ticket!

wasted talent june 3

See you there!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Brine Correspondent

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