So Much For A White Christmas

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Weather threatens holiday travel, brings rain through Christmas Day.

While everyone still holds a place in their hearts for snow at Christmas, it tends to be a rare occurrence in southern Rhode Island. This year is no exception, because while one ingredient for a White Christmas will be here (a whole bunch of precipitation), the other (sub-freezing temperatures) won’t. In fact, here in the Northeast, we’ll be facing some near-record highs.

For those of us who just have to get our last-minute shopping done, the high winds and possible thunderstorms might prove to be a bit of an irritation. For those of you who are looking to travel by air, however, things are looking ugly.


Here’s the airport delay potential for Tuesday, as reported by The Weather Channel:

Christmas Week Tuesday

Airport delay potential: Delays possible due to low clouds and rain in Atlanta and Charlotte. Low clouds and rain also may trigger delays at the major Northeast hubs from Boston to Washington, D.C. Snow may cause some delays in Minneapolis, especially in the morning.


Of course, it gets worse for Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve Weather Map

– Airport delay potential:Major flight delays are possible at the major Northeast hubs plus Charlotte, Atlanta, and the major airports of Florida due to high wind, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and low clouds. Wind, rain and thunderstorms may cause delays as far west as Cincinnati and Detroit. Delays due to snow and/or wind delays are also possible in Chicago, Milwaukee, and possibly St. Louis, depending on the storm’s exact track.

So for those of you who are travelling this week…

Good luck with that.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Meteorological Correspondent

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