Do You Know Someone Married At The Stone House?

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The establishment’s new owners are looking for couples who had their weddings¬†at the Little Compton mansion.

Were you or someone you know married at The Stone House in Little Compton? The new owners of the wedding venue would like to hear from you.

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Given the proliferation of social media and digital photography, it’s hard to remember that just a decade ago, most event venues had a hard time keeping records of who got married when. While the bride and groom would end up with albums full of photographs, it was rare for an establishment to keep them on file.

Stone House Wedding B&WIt’s been especially hard for The Stone House, due to changes in ownership over the years. The building may date back to 1854, but if you got married there 25 years ago, the paperwork associated with it is long gone.

Fortunately, the new custodians of the property, the Newport Experience, want to change that by creating a record of the weddings that took place on the grounds of the property.

So, if you held or attended a wedding at The Stone House, please let them know.

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comptonite Correspondent

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