Star Wars…As Directed By Ken Burns (Video)

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The Original Trilogy gets The Civil War treatment.

Star Wars has always had an odd contradiction. While set in a futuristic universe (even one a long, long time ago), it’s a montage of throwbacks to older films, filmed and, for the most part, set…a while back in our very own galaxy.

There’s a whole lot of World War II in the mix, which was the last time everyone had to drop what they were doing and go to war. The time before that was…well, the Civil War. Those wars were the ones where people with humble or “interesting” roots could find themselves some glory. Sort of like a Tatooine farmboy, Corellian smuggler and Cloud City administrator.

Anyhow, the video is great fun, especially for those of you who have seen Ken Burns’ series.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Death Star Correspondent

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