Stella Kills The Power In The Fifth Ward

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460 Newport, RI homes are without power.

For all the Rhode Islanders grumbling that Winter Storm Stella is a bust, it is managing to make life difficult for plenty of Ocean State residents. According to National Grid, the power is out in Newport’s Fifth Ward.

But just in case resident’s there are worried that they’re being subjected to God’s punishment for all the partying they did this past Saturday, they can take solace because they’re hardly the only Rhode Islanders lacking juice.

As we write this, 7,169 National Grid “customers”, or, a more accurate way to say it is probably “accounts” are without power in Rhode Island.

If you want to follow these developments in real time, check out National Grid’s Outage Map.

Stay safe out there. It might not be 18″ of snow, but it’s still damn ugly.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Electric Correspondent

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