Stone Brewing Returns To Broadway To Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

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Pour Judgement will have some of their long-lost craft beers on tap Wednesday night.

It should be no surprise that Stone is one of our favorite national craft breweries. These guys are good. They’ve evolved and grown in the face of an ever growing but ever more challenging marketplace. They’ve grown out of California and now are producing beer in new breweries in Richmond, Virginia and Berlin, Germany (which we’re expecting will tear into the European beer market like a mongoose in a chicken coop).

When they introduced their Ruination IPA, it was the biggest, meanest, hoppiest beer on the block. A little over a decade later, it was…a beer that sounded fierce…but didn’t feel that exhilarating (sort of like my buddy’s girlfriend’s Mustang GT a decade back). So they went back to the drawing board and came out with Ruination 2.0, which was reengineered with today’s hopheads in mind. Stone has been happy to keep what works working…but has recognized when old favorites had gotten long on tooth.

They’ve also gotten good at making limited releases…and then bringing back the best of them as regular or semi-regular brews.

Now, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, they’ve reached far back and re-released some of their Anniversary IPAs. Specifically, their original IPA, 5th Anniversary IPA, 1oth Anniversary IPA, the 15th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA and selling them along with their just released 20th Anniversary IPA. They’ll be doing this at one of Newport busiest craft beer spot, Pour Judgement.

It’s all starting at 7pm on Wednesday, October 5th. Stone will be there with what we’ll assume is plenty of swag (maybe even some glassware). RSVP on Facebook.


If you can’t make it Wednesday, have no fear. Most of these kegs will last at least a day or two. Some might even make it to Sunday’s Pats game/hurricane party.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Craft Beer Correspondent

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