Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Scott Weiland Is…DEAD?!?!

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90’s legend, Velvet Revolver singer, 48, found dead on tour bus.

Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland, 48, was found dead on his tour bus Thursday night around 9pm, in Medina, Minnesota. Dave Navarro broke the news to the world tweeting “Just learned our friend Scott Weiland has died, so gutted, I am thinking of his family tonight.” That’s about as well as any of us can put it.

Weiland always had his troubles, but there’s always hope your idols will bounce back. Although his cause of death hasn’t been confirmed, I think it’s safe to say, his demons finally won out.

Originally labeled (unfairly) as a Pearl Jam ripoff, STP gave a much more psychedelic rock feel to the their second album “Purple” establishing a sound all their own through that, and subsequent albums. With rock supergroup Velvet Revolver, including former members of Guns N’ Roses, he proved his vocal skills, and appeal wasn’t limited to STP, and was still a force to be reckoned with.

As sad as all of this is, the only way to celebrate the man’s legacy is to rock out to a few choice tracks. Light a candle, and enjoy.

Farewell Scott Weiland. You will surely be missed. Your songs and legacy will live on forever. Rock In Peace.

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