Make Moves With Studio Barre Newport!

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One barre-tender’s story from ballet to barre.

A few years ago, Kelsey Collard knew she wanted to do something fitness-related, but wasn’t exactly sure what. She had decided to step back from her career as a professional ballet dancer, because she wanted to find something that would fulfill her life to the most.

So, she moved back home with her family in Rhode Island to figure out her next move.

Collard tried yoga, pilates and “all kinds of things,” but she found barre and fell in love with it.

If you aren’t familiar with barre, it’s a choreographed workout that engages your core and targets different muscle groups using small, isometric movements. “You start with a warm-up and some weights, get your core engaged, and start the blood pumping,” Collard explains. Once the warm-up is over, you proceed to exercise your body in sections. Collard points out that after exercising each section, you stretch to elongate muscle and achieve the long, lean dancer’s body.

Collard, 21, and her mom, Tanis, researched different barre companies and found Studio Barre based in Southern California. Collard visited California for several days to learn more about Studio Barre and found herself ready to jump into the opportunity.

Last month, the mother-daughter duo open the first Studio Barre franchise on the East Coast in Middletown, RI.

“Barre is so new to the East Coast. If you go to California, it’s on every corner—there’s barre everywhere,” says Collard.

Studio Barre Newport has five instructors, or “barre-tenders,” including Collard, whose main goal is to motivate you during each hour-long class. The instructors’ motivation, combined with the music, keeps up the energy flow throughout the workout. Even though each class is choreographed, there are so many different exercises to choose from that you’ll probably never have the same workout twice.

If you’re looking to switch up your workout routine, barre workouts will help tone and lengthen muscle. To see the maximum results from barre, Collard recommends going 3-5 times a week, but “you will see results no matter how often you go.” There are plenty of different class times available to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.

As far as figuring out what to wear to a barre class, it’s similar attire to what you would wear to yoga. Collard suggests wearing yoga pants, not shorts, to keep the muscles warm and socks with grips. Studio Barre Newport also has a boutique that carries fitness apparel, accessories and jewelry, so if you need the socks with grips, or new Lululemon workout clothes, you can pick those up at the studio, as well.

Collard’s goal with Studio Barre Newport is to encourage Aquidneck Islanders “to experience a different kind of workout.”

“I’m just so excited to be able to bring [barre] to Newport and be able to show everyone these different kinds of workouts,” says Collard. “I feel like it’s kind of easy for people to get bored doing the same routine everyday, the same workout everyday.”

“We’re having a good time and getting a good response so far.”

At the very least, there’s no risk in giving Studio Barre Newport one try—everyone’s first class is free.

There are a lot promotions going on through the month of November. On Black Friday, Nov. 28, all merchandise in the boutique will be 25% off and, to celebrate Studio Barre Newport’s second month in town, you can either choose to have a pack of 10 classes or an unlimited month of classes for only $125. The studio will also be hosting an all-day Lululemon trunk show event on Thursday, Dec. 11. Be sure to like Studio Barre Newport on Facebook to stay updated with their latest news, events, and deals!