The Stupidest Thing Justin Bieber Ever Said About Rhode Island

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Is Bieber a Jewish mother or a young Mike Myers playing an old Jewish mother?

About seven years back, a young Justin Bieber took to Twitter to give his thoughts on Rhode Island. They proved to be bizarrely unoriginal and yet, grammatically incorrect in rather unique ways that can’t be blamed on his Canadian dialect.

The first problem is that a young Mike Myers coined the phrase more than 15 years earlier in his SNL skit “Coffee Talk”, where he played host Linda Richman.

Coffee Talk Rhode Island

Being a Canadian didn’t cause Myers to butcher the English language, leading us to believe that there might be some other reason why Justin Bieber might try to use “nor” without putting it between two objects.

Is this really the kind of element we want moving to Providence?

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Coffee Correspondent

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