Sunday Funday At The Skiff Bar With Cocktail Wars Newport

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Week 1 of the Cocktail Wars Semi-Finals at the Newport Marriott’s Skiff Bar.

The preliminary rounds are done and the first week of Cocktail Wars Newport’s semi-finals took place at the Skiff Bar, a beautiful outdoor drinking spot built as part of the Newport Marriott’s massive renovation. It was a beautiful day for a cocktail contest and the Skiff Bar has a fabulous view of Newport Harbor. The primary ingredient was, as it is every round of this contest, Broken Shed Vodka, a new import from New Zealand looking to make some waves in the Rhode Island market.

Broken Shed Vodka At Cocktail Wars at the Skiff Bar Newport MarriottThis being the semi-finals, each of the bartenders had at least one round of competition under their belt. That said, our friend Murphy showed up and kept the unexpected coming.

[Just to clarify on some confusion those of you who’ve followed the season closely may notice. Erin Burke was unavailable to compete during the first week of the semi-finals, so Ryan Reilly who, who competed in the 2nd week was brought in to fill a spot. Erin will be competing this week with the four other bartenders who placed in Weeks 3 and 4. Don’t shoot the messenger.]


Vincent X Gunn of Benjamin’s
Ryan Reilly of the New York Yacht Club
Dominique Grant from The Landing
Chris Belanger from Portsmouth Publick House


Christina Mercado from the Vanderbilt Grace
Sean Manson from The Wharf Pub
Nick St. John of Werks Autosound

Broken Shed Vodka

Broken Shed Vodka

Broken Shed Vodka is the official sponsor of Cocktail Wars Newport’s Summer Splash. This vodka is made from mountain spring water and New Zealand whey, making it incredibly smooth and easy to drink. Broken Shed Premium Vodka is organic and is additive and gluten-free. Learn more at their website!

Cocktail Wars Summer Splash Schedule

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See you there!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Hotel Bar Correspondent

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