Tall Ship Providence Heavily Damaged In Winter Storm Juno

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Is this the end of Rhode Island’s flagship?

She is most famous for her movie roles set close to the equator in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but it’s Winter Storm Juno that has proven to be the tall ship Providence’s nemesis. The ship was dry-docked at the Newport Shipyard when high winds gusting as high as 80 mph knocked it off of its standings, breaking both masts and leaving the ship askew in the shipyard’s parking lot.

The ship is listed for sale on Yachtworld.com for $780,000.

The Continental Sloop Providence is an accurate replica of Americas first war ship.

The Providence was built in 1768 by the Brown family of Providence RI. She was the first vessel purchased by the Continental Navy and was John Paul Jones’ first command. He went on to fame aboard the Bonhomme Richard and then became the father of the US Navy after the revolution.

This replica was also built by the Brown family in 1976.

She is 61′ on deck and 110′ overall putting her in Class A with the American Sail Training Association guidelines.

The Providence has participated in nearle every tall ship event in the US and Canada.

She has made in excess of $600,000 in Disney films Pirates of the Caribbean movies and has recently completed filming of a major motion picture staring Cuba Gooding. She also completed a Tall Ships tour to Nova Scotia and participated in the Tall Ships festival in Portsmouth NH and Newport RI.

The hull is solid fiberglass and she carries 13 working canons

She has been Coast Guard inspected and approved continuously. The latest the Summer of 2012.

There is upwards of $300,000 potentionally available in appearance fees for the 2014 season in the Great Lakes and the Caribbean. As well as merchandise sales opportunities.

Is this the end for the Providence? Unlikely. But it’s going to need a lot of work to be returned to its former glory.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sleep Deprived Correspondent

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