Tall Ship Providence Was In Process Of Being Sold When Juno Hit

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Rhode Island’s flagship may be repairable.

We when we reported that the Providence was heavily damaged when it was blown off its standings at the Newport Shipyard during Winter Storm Juno, we mentioned that the ship was for sale. Now it appears that the Providence was actually in the process of being sold.

Bluenose Yacht Sales issued the following statement on their website:

We regret to hear the wonderful tall ship, USS PROVIDENCE, was damaged last night at the Newport Shipyard where she was on the hard for winter storage. This is particularly troubling in view of the fact we have had her for sale and just recently received a purchase and sale agreement two weeks ago. This agreement to purchase was supported by a schedule to have her inspected and surveyed later this week. The present owner and new prospective owner are in contact and will inspect the USS Providence later this week. We remain cautiously optimistic the PROVIDENCE will be repaired to again sail and bring joy to the Rhode Island public and all who have sailed her in the past few years.

Obviously, the current state of the ship is going to complicate the process, but exactly how damaged the ship is will determine its fate.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Tall Ship Correspondent

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