The Telegraph Recommends Newport For Teenagers…And We’re Not Sure Why

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We love Newport, but we’re not sure it belongs in “The 10 best 2017 summer holidays for families with teens”.

Travel media worldwide loves to include Newport in its listicles, and while it’s flattering, sometimes it’s just wrong. Last year, put Newport in a post for “budget-friendly” tourist locations and we felt the need to correct them. Now the British paper The Telegraph has decided that Newport is a great spot to bring your teenagers. It’s not.

The listicle in question has spots all over the world, supposedly great for families to bring their teenagers. Some, my teenage self would be really interested in, like Ibiza, in large part because you can get into the clubs as a teenager.

Then we come across this odd one.

8. From hipster to Gilded Age

Take cool teens to New York (find an appropriately trendy flat in Brooklyn at, or Once they have had their fill of museums, shopping and visits to both Governors and Coney Islands, whisk them off for a bit of seaside R&R. If you want a taste of Gatsby‑style glamour, skip the overpriced Hamptons (whether by car, Jitney or Blade, the commute would drive you mad) and continue your trip north – by car or Amtrak – to Rhode Island.

Or just stay in New York.

Watch Hill has beautiful beaches and teen cred (Taylor Swift has a house there); stay at the imposing beachside Ocean House (; rooms from £800 per night).

Perhaps today’s teenagers might think it’s worth travelling to Rhode Island to gawk at Taylor Swift’s house but something tells me that the entertainment value of taking pics of a celebrity’s sometimes residence would wear off in about 15 minutes.

Newport, 45 minutes further north, was the playground of the Vanderbilts 100 years ago and is lined with giant marble “cottages” that are fun to explore. (Sally Peck)

The Chanler at Cliff Walk in Newport (Chanler full hotel review) commands spectacular ocean views and has rooms from £251 per night.

If there is one group of people we know or meet who aren’t keen to return to Newport, it’s people who came here as teenagers on family vacations. They don’t know anyone. Their choices of venues to hang out are basically a Ben & Jerry’s…and another Ben & Jerry’s. There’s one arcade.

There is plenty of shopping, but a self-funded teenager isn’t going to last an hour and a well-subsidized teenager might last a day before Daddy takes back the credit card.

Perhaps we’re being a bit harsh. Depending on your kids’ interests, there’s the Audrain Auto Museum, the International Tennis Hall of Fame, what look like most of the world’s sailing and a whole lot of beaches. Plus, if you’re 16+, you can go flyboarding.

So Newport doesn’t have nothing for teenagers. It’s just that we’d just hesitate to put it in the world’s top ten spots to take your teenagers. We’d recommend going somewhere with a massive amusement park or a flourishing music scene with lots of all-ages shows.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Youth Correspondent

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