Ten Spots To Hit During Newport Restaurant Week

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Our favorite menus guarantee the most bang for your buck.

It’s time once again to indulge in Newport Restaurant week. 3 courses for $35, how can you resist? But with over 50 restaurants to choose from, who has the time to go through every menu to figure out who has the best menu? Apparently I do, because that’s exactly what I did. Menus were judged based on how creative, and interesting they are, the value based on the caliber of the restaurant, and extra points were giving to some places that you’ve probably never tried before, or will probably never be able to go to again. So come join me as I lay out the ten best Newport Restaurant Week Menus for Fall 2015.


10. Speakeasy

Who doesn’t love choices? And when it comes to Speakeasy’s menu, there’s plenty to choose from. It seems like they just put their whole menu out there and telling you, “Go ahead, have whatever you want”, which is a nice change of pace to other restaurants who just take their 4 cheapest apps and entrees and slap them on a menu.


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