Ten Spots To Hit During Newport Restaurant Week

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1.Wharf Pub/Diego’s

These menus have got it all: choices, creativity, and above all, BOOZE INCLUDED! That’s right, FREE BOOZE! Beer, wine and bubbly at the Wharf Pub, and beer, wine and margaritas at Diego’s. How can these menus not be on the top of the list? The creativity and generosity displayed on these menus alone secured them a top 3 spot, but knowing how consistently good these two restaurants are, I can comfortably put them at the top of this list.


So there you have it, one man’s opinion on the state of the Fall Newport Restaurant Week 2015. hope this list helps you decide where to spend your $35, eat, drink, repeat, all week long!

***The following restaurants didn’t provide menus on http://www.discovernewport.org/restaurant-week/restaurants-menus, and were therefore omitted from this list: Bouchard’s, Caleb and Broad, Midtown Oyster Bar, Perro Salado, Tallulah’s on Thames, and Thames Street Kitchen***

-Dennis Hofer, Blast Cheap Eats Correspondent

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