Ten Spots To Hit During Newport Restaurant Week

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Bannisters Wharf, Newport, RI

7. Clarke Cooke House

Full disclosure- I’ve worked at this establishment for the last 7 years, and even then, I’m still not sick of their food! In fact I can assure you that if anything looks good on this menu, you’re going to love it. Hell, this place would have made it on here just for offering their world famous Snowball in Hell as a dessert option. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I think it’s time you got down there.



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Dennis Hofer was born in Newport Hospital. If you don't know him, someone you know does. He's a master of loading Pez Dispensers, self proclaimed connoisseur of chicken parm sandwiches, and always good for a joke or six. If you see him drinking a hefeweizen, please tell him to just go home. High fives for reading this far.