The Big Problem With Boss Man Burgers

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We stopped by the Middletown burger joint for┬álunch and this is what happened…

It’s no secret that the country is in the middle of a burger renaissance right now and that Newporters have embraced the trend with aplomb. We ourselves have written about our favorite Newport burgers.

Today we needed to get some lunch. Deciding to be a little adventurous, we thought we’d venture to a locale that wasn’t inside Newport city limits. It’s always a risk, usually a poorly thought out one, but if you leave Newport, at least 2 times out of ten you won’t feel like it’s was a mistake.

IMG_7252Anyhow, we sat at the bar. An attractive bartender asked us what we were drinking, and we went with the Foolproof Farmhouse Ale, because it’s been one of the best beers brewed in Rhode Island since it was released last year…and we’re getting into saison season, especially on a day like today, where Mother Nature is reminding us about how heat, just like months of sub-freezing temperatures, can actually make us uncomfortable too.

two burgers w/cheddar, bacon, avocado, pico de gallo, jalapenos, lettuce, banana pepper & el parque hot sauce

So we settle in to sipping our beer and watching Bones on TV, while “working” on our phone.

After a little while, the burger arrives and…


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