The Cold Snap Drinking Game

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Because no one really wants to remember when it was this cold.

Anyone who’s ever taken any cold weather survival course will tell you that alcohol doesn’t actually warm you up. In fact, it dilates the capillaries, placing you at a greater risk of frostbite. Fortunately, if you’re in Newport doing a cold snap pub crawl, frostbite doesn’t pose much of a danger in that frantic 3 minute dash to the next open bar. That said, alcohol does make you feel warmer, so if you’re looking to make that next dash a little more comfortable, we have a method that might work for you.

Alternatively, you may be sitting at your winter cling‘s place looking at a handle of Fireball, wondering what would be a good way to get the liquor out of the bottle and into your stomach. This should work for your situation too.

The Rules

  • Someone writes a social media post about the temperature – 1 drink

They add a pic of their car’s dashboard thermometer – 2 drinks

They include a screenshot of the local temperature from a weather app – 3 drinks

Someone living somewhere very warm replies with a screenshot of their own local temperature – 4 drinks

  • Someone uses an explanative to describe the weather – 1 drink
  • Some jackass (usually us) says “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” – 2 drinks
  • Someone declares that they’re moving somewhere warm – 2 drinks

They actually do it – Finish the bottle

  • The TV news shows someone throwing a pot of boiling water in the air to show it freezing before it hits the ground – 5 drinks
  • You see this meme:

Why am I living

2 drinks

  • Mention of a remote starter – 1 drink
  • Someone confuses wind chill and temperature – 2 drinks
  • You run out of booze – Call Bridge Liquors for a delivery ($40 minimum)
  • Someone starts a rumor that school’s cancelled – 1 drinks

It’s true. – 3 drinks


You should play the Cold Snap Drinking Game until someone passes out or walks outside naked…or both.



Good luck, stay warm and remember where September babies come from.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Gamification Correspondent


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