The Five Stages Of Thanksgiving Eve Drinking

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There’s one night of the year when you can go home again.

Thanksgiving Eve is well known as the biggest travel day of the year. That’s because everyone has one twenty-four hour period to get to where they’re going to be for the holiday…but then they have another 3 days to make their way back.

Newport, being a rather transitory town, has a lot of young people who leave, either for college or their careers. However, their folks are often still here, so often times they’ll take the trek back to Rhode Island to share a meal with their family and catch up with old friends.

Thanksgiving Eve is also one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. That’s because everyone has all day Thursday to spend time with the fam, but there’s valuable drinking time to be had before then, so they arrive home, drop their luggage, give Mom a kiss and bounce to hit up the bars.

Interestingly, the evening serves as an excellent indicator of the circumstances of your own life. Which stage are you in?

1. College Years: The Unofficial 3rd Year High-School Reunion

Pretty much everyone who’s in college goes home for Thanksgiving…and those who are finally of age (and probably a few who aren’t) are finally going to hit the bars like they’ve wanted to since high school. To grow up in Newport County is to have Newport’s nightlife hung in front of you like a forbidden fruit for almost a decade before you can actually partake in the fun.

Now, regardless of whether you’re going to college at URI or CalTech, you’ve got an ID and you’re finally going to tear it up the town (or maybe just O’Brien’s) with everyone you knew in high school. After all, you’ve spent two and a half years reinventing yourself from your lame high-school self and you need to show everyone you knew from back your Jager drinking abilities.

However, if you’re not under the age of about 25, you’re going to be a little confused as to why your regular bar has turned into a fraternity party full of hundred or so baby faces you’ve never seen before…or you’re wondering why Tuesday night at the Pelham is happening a day late. Most of them are still in that college mode where the girls think any guy over 23 who approaches them is creepy and the guys think that any girl over 23 who approaches them is a cougar.

Where to go: O’brien’s, Pelham, Wherever looks good on Instagram

2. Young Adulthood

So you’ve graduated college (or not…that’s cool…not here to judge) and you’ve started a career (or just found a job that allows you to pay rent, that’s fine. It’s been a crap economy for a while…) but you’re single and it’s not like you really have anywhere else to go for Thanksgiving so you’re back again. Now, you’re not really looking for that high school reunion scene that your younger siblings are all excited about. At this point, you’ve got a bit of Newport bar experience under your belt. You’ve also got Facebook, so you know what everyone you graduated from high school is up to with their lives.

Rather than getting smashed with 50 people you happened to spend four years of your youth with, you’re back to getting smashed with 4-5 close friends who you only really get to see this time of year. You’d love to see more of them, but you’re scattered around the country with jobs that take up all of your time…or a lack of cash that prevents you from jumping on a plane to hang out with random buddies a couple times a month. So here you are, getting a chance to catch up and despite the months or years it’s been since you’ve seen each other last, the conversation picks up like it never ended.

Where to go: Pour Judgement, Fastnet, Parlor

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