The Five Worst Places To Propose In Newport, RI

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If you have a diamond engagement ring burning a hole in your pocket, don’t get down on one knee at one of these spots.

A lot of guys like to propose in Newport. Why shouldn’t they? It’s got many beautiful and romantic spots to do so, along with some amazing restaurants to have a celebration meal at afterwards…and great bed and breakfasts to spend the night keeping the other guests up as you and your new fiance continue the celebration until 4am.

However, there are places where a proposal would just be…regretful.

We’re going to help you avoid making that mistake.

Here are five spots not to get engaged at…

5. Rochambeau Statue and Memorial


If your girlfriend is French (or just an outrageous Francophile) you might be tempted to pop the question at the Rochambeau Monument in King Park. After all, it’s a great symbol of the bond between the French and American people; a bond which the marriage proposal you’re about to offer will continue to strengthen, yada, yada, yada.

It’s also a pretty scenic spot that will make your proposal photographer’s job pretty easy. There’s the couple next to the statue, with the harbor and Newport Bridge in the background.

The Problem:

Two words: South Park.

If you’re getting married in this day and age, there’s no way that your friends don’t know South Park. Especially South Park when it was at its most popular. The last thing you want the story of your proposal to conjure is getting kicked in the nuts. The jokes pretty much write themselves.

On top of that, if you ever mention the Rochambeau statue at a bar tended by John Begin, you’ll get a long story about how the French General is pointing to the White Horse Tavern, which is the oldest tavern in America (and actually a great spot for your engagement dinner).

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