The Funniest Moment Of Team Alvimedica’s Arrival In Newport

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It involves a cannon, a selfie and…well, you’ll see.

It was just past midnight and four boats of the Volvo Ocean Race were docked at Fort Adams. A couple hours before Team DongFeng had edged out Team Abu Dhabi to take first place. Team Brunel had arrived just as the welcoming ceremonies of the first two boats were finishing…and MAPFRE showed up just as their ceremony finished, which was all quite impressive considering the 6000 miles this leg covered.

So it was just past midnight when we were told that Team Alvimedica was an hour out. After discussing our options with a few friends, we decided to recover our cars from the field it was parked in and park them on Lincoln Drive while waiting for Newport’s hometown team to show up.

Soon, we could see Team Alvimedica’s masthead light, along with an armada of spectator boats, coming past Castle Hill…where it suddenly stopped. There was no wind…and the tide that had helped pull the earlier boats up into Narragansett Bay was now working against them.

What followed was a few maddening hours and a descent into madness.

Conversation started with geostationary satellites and a beloved pet being shot into orbit…

“I want to go to space. Can I go into space?”
“Only if you come when I whistle.”

A comment that only got funnier when we learned that Eric couldn’t actually whistle.

So with not much to do but drink sangria, dance to Sinatra and honk our horns to give Team Alvimedica the motivation they needed to…get the wind going…Eric had time to hatch a plan.

There was a cannon over on the Fort Adams breakwater that was fired when the boats crossed the finish line. He wanted to fire that cannon.

Somehow, he figured that if he walked up with two attractive young ladies, the gentlemen in charge of the gun would let him fire it.

Suddenly, around 2:45am, Team Alvimedica caught a breeze and slowly started tacking their way up towards Fort Adams. We walked up to the cannon to discover that another young lady was way ahead of Eric’s plan. A young lady who, it turned out, was not so hot at countdowns.

Eric decided to settle on a selfie with the cannon…

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sailing Correspondent

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