The Most Irish Way To Spend $20 This St. Patrick’s Day

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You can both get stylish and help support Newport’s Ancient Order Of Hibernians Pipes & Drums in their pilgrimage to Dublin!

It’s about to get very green in Newport and not just because we’re closing in on springtime. We’ve got the 60th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade coming up on Saturday, March 12, which will involve the most people wearing green outside a major military installation since…well, last year’s parade.

That said, this year, 2016, the AOH Pipe and Drums are keeping it real. They’re about to head over to Dublin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising. Of course, some of you might be unaware, trans-Atlantic travel costs money. So they’re offering some sharp little t-shirts and hoodies in exchange for your hard-earned cash in order to facilitate the trip over.

AOH Pipe and Drum Booster

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Ireland Correspondent

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