The Most Popular Liquor In Rhode Island Is…

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Researchers used app to discover each state’s favorite booze.

App developers have a bit of a odd quandary. First they develop an app. Then they get all sorts of data from the users of that app. Of course, the relevance of such data is always a little questionable, because “app users” does not equal “general population”.¬†Of course, market research is expensive, so most businesses will grab every morsel they can.

The folks who made the app BARTRENDr have announced the most popular liquor in each state.

For Rhode Island, it is…surprise, surprise…

Fireball Whisky

Though we have to wonder at the dates of this information. Sure, Fireball is quite popular…but Jack Daniels’ Fire has been cutting into their segment in recent months, in our opinion, for a good reason.

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