The New Star Wars Trailer Makes Our Spine Tingle (Video)

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This movie could be very, very awesome.

Like most kids of our generation, Star Wars was a very big thing growing up. Star Wars was the first movie our parents took us to in a theater (age 1) and as they recalled, we loved it. Then, somehow we missed Empire, but caught Jedi in the theater…then watched Empire on video (pretty much saving the best for last).

Then the Special Editions showed up and kind of took a tiny dump on our collective experiences, followed by the massive dump of the prequels.

Fast forward a decade…Disney buys Lucasfilm and announces the next trilogy. At this point, we’d been burned enough to be a little skeptical. The first teaser trailer came out and felt very…Star Wars, but it wasn’t quite enough to alleviate our fears.

Now, a second teaser has just been released…and we’ve got a feeling that JJ Abrams may actually be doing it right.

As always with this kind of thing, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Film Correspondent

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