The NY Post Explores Newport, RI’s “Secret, Sexy Side”

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…though their definition of “secret” may vary from yours.

When we read about Newport on some travel blogs, the town sounds like a pipeline that takes tourists from the Viking Hotel, down to the Brick Alley Pub to grab a lobster roll for lunch, take a harbor cruise, then over to the Clarke Cooke House for an amazing dinner, followed the next morning with a trip over to Castle Hill for brunch…before heading home.

And that makes perfect sense…if it’s your first time in town and you’ve only got 24-36 hours available.

If you’ve got a little more time available and you’ve already popped your City-By-The-Sea cherry, chances are that you’re going to take a few steps off of that beaten path. When travel bloggers step off Thames or Bellevue and take a look around, they inevitably describe it as discovering Newport’s “little known secrets”.

From a local’s perspective, we’re reminded of Charles Krauthammer’s description of the market niche FoxNews (owned by the same NewsCorp that the New York Post is a subsidiary) discovered a couple decades ago…”half the American people”. In Newport’s case, it’s “the other 90% of the city”, including a little back alley known to locals as “Broadway”.

That said, it’s nice for…for lack of a better term…Newport’s second-tier venues to get some love in the national press.

So in “The Secret, Sexy Side of Beachy Newport, RI“, travel blogger Christina Valhouli starts off with an option for where to stay…

There’s no need to stay in a doily-covered B&B when there are plenty of new options in town. Gilded opened in May with a playful take on Newport’s past, with bold colors and vibrant wallpaper (from $302). If Gilded is full, check out its sister property, the boutique Attwater (from $362), where guest rooms are decorated with bright pops of color for a look that says New England with a twist. Although there is no restaurant, a big breakfast spread is laid out every morning, featuring fresh juices, Mighty Leaf teas and gourmet baked goods such as lemon ginger scones.

Newport’s own distillery/brewery gets some love…

Champagne, sir? Madam? Just put down that flute and head to Newport Distilling Company.

Located on the outskirts of town, the brewery produces Newport Storm beer but also singlehandedly revived the town’s production of rum. Newport was once the rum capital of the world; in its 18th-century heyday, it housed 22 distilleries. Fast forward, and the 2008 opening of Thomas Tew Rum marked the first time rum was distilled in Newport since 1842. Visitors who feel like spending more time in the brewery can volunteer on Tuesdays to help bottle beer, and get to take home a case for their hard work.

Boru and Mission get mentions, though they have to be the worst-kept secrets in Newport. If you ask someone for good noodle shop or burger spot and they aren’t mentioned in the first sentence, that person is either lying to you…or has no idea what they’re talking about.

Next up, a hidden gem called…”Bowen Wharf”?

Forget kitschy embroidered throw pillows. At Bowen Wharf, the new home design store Egg & Dart is helping spice up the city’s shopping options. It’s stocked with handmade Etta + Billie soaps, Mast Brothers chocolates and Assouline coffee table books. If you like their style, the shop’s owners also have a chic houseboat, the Belafonte, that is available to rent by the night (from $550). A snazzy Egg + Dart gift bag welcomes guests.

Finally, the Post solves the mystery of Water Bros. and reveals that we have a Folk Festival.

So there we have it. If you were looking for sexy secrets in Newport, they’ve been revealed.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Media Correspondent

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