The One Thing Hope Has That Every Restaurant Needs

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…and one thing it doesn’t.

Hope opened its doors back in November, continuing the trend of rebirth on Newport’s historically neglected Broadway. It offers an eclectic array of food and drink (we’re a fan of the Duchesse de Bourgogne on draft)…but there’s one thing that they offer that no other watering hole in Newport does:

USB Charger in Bar Hope Newport RI

That’s right. Every 18″ (give or take) of the bar features a USB plug for patrons to charge their phones.

What’s the big deal?

Some of you are probably wondering what difference this makes. After all, most bars will allow you to charge your phone. You just hand it to the bartender and they plug it in somewhere on the back of the bar.

Which is fine, provided that the bartenders aren’t busy, someone else with your phone plug type hasn’t already asked them, you’re not expecting an important text/call, etc.

Bartenders don’t have to play babysitter for your phone while it’s getting its juice. Charging and utilizing are no longer a binary proposition.

Why you’ll need it.

Like many Newport bars, Hope is in an old-construction building. One that, judging by its ability to stop electromagnetic waves, would make a good fallout shelter. This means that your phone will churn through its battery, regardless if you’re texting a few chapters of Moby Dick to a close friend, streaming Netflix or just sitting still with your phone on…especially if you’re downstairs in Hope’s basement venue, Underground.

Nothing a little free customer wi-fi wouldn’t take care of.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Telecom Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?