The Onion’s Strong Side/Weak Side Analysis of Gronk

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That funny moment when what a beast the Patriots tight end is becomes the joke.

Rob Gronkowski is a boss. He’s just that kind of guy who manages to win at life and look like he’s doing it effortlessly. Sometimes it’s because opposing defenses forget to cover him…and sometimes he just walks into Dockside on a Saturday night in the summer and gives every man in the place a reminder of what real sex appeal is.

So when The Onion decides to do its version of AFC Championship coverage, they found a lot more humor in Gronk’s invincibility (though just a tad in his actual lack thereof).

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski terrorized defenses this year by relying on a combination of size, strength, and the single greatest quarterback in the history of the game. Is he any good?

Onion Gronk

Well played…well played.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Satire Correspondent

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