The Revolving Door Has Just Re-Opened: Meet Their Newest Chef

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Dennis Hofer interviewed Derek Marquiss and his trusty sidekick, Nate Dubuc, on what it’s like to be a visiting chef and the must-try items on their menu.

The Revolving Door’s first new chef of 2016 is Derek Marquiss. He started out making Polish comfort food with his grandmother as a child, and that inspired him to study who at Johnson and Wales, in Denver and Providence. He has worked locally at Trafford’s in Bristol, White Horse Tavern, and most recently, Stoneacre Pantry. He’s also worked at the James Beard Award-winning Trattoria Stella in Traverse City. He will be accompanied all month long by his “chef’s assistant”, Nate Dubuc, who also worked at Trafford’s in Bristol, along with Chomp Kitchen in Bristol, and in town local’s favorites, TSK, and Mission. These guys have created an amazing menu to kick off The Revolving Door’s year. I had a little chat with them a few days before they were set to open, and here’s what they had to say.

Newport Blast: So I’m just curious, how does this whole process of working for revolving door for a month work? do they approach you or…?

Derek: No, I actually responded to an ad from Josh, and then Josh called me. We were actually going to do this sooner, in October, but that was just a little too quick. So we chose to do February. Just kind of worked out, and it’s perfect. It’s slow right now at Stoneacre Pantry, where I work, so they gave me the month off, and have been really supportive. So it’s really kind of exciting to go on our own little adventure.

NB: Yeah I can imagine, and I’m sure it’s cool. Not to offend, but you aren’t really known, and it seems kind of cool that you get to showcase what you can do, and get your name out there a little bit. 

Derek: (laughs) Under the radar is how i like to refer to it. But the response so far has been really great. Everyone I’ve talked to about it seems really excited. I’m pretty sure Nate’s entire family is going to be here like every night.

Nate: (laughs) Yeah, they are really excited.

NB: Well aren’t you guys excited too? 

Nate: So excited!

Derek: I’m pumped too, but honestly I’ll be more excited  tomorrow once all the prep is done. (laughs)

Nate: (laughs) Yeah…

NB: I could see that. Not to bring it up, but aren’t you a little nervous too?

Derek: I think just for the first weekend working the kinks out. You know, how we actually want to run the line, because it’s a completely new kitchen. new restaurant that neither one of us has ever worked in.

NB: And you guys have only been in since the beginning of this week?


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