The Ultimate PDA Stopper (Video)

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If a couple are getting a little too close when they’re too close, whip out your phone and do this.

Whether it’s love or lust, people come to Newport with affection on their minds (and in their loins). This means that public displays of affection are pretty commonplace.

For the most part, couples can keep things under control. Hell, sometimes, when you’re upstairs at Benjamin’s two girls will give you their camera and ask you¬†to take their pic while they start making out…at 3pm on a Monday.

But sometimes it’s just going to get out of hand and you’re looking for a metaphorical garden hose to spray the humping dogs with. Fortunately, comedian Josh Nasher has a method to deal with that scenario, which he demonstrates in what looks like a New York subway car.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cockblock Correspondent

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