The Washington Post Had This To Say About Rhode Island’s Flag

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With states and the flags they fly being in the news,  Alexandra Petri decided to play flag critic.

The tragic shooting of 9 worshippers at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina has turned into a bizarre political battle over that most redneck of symbols, the Confederate battle flag…as opposed to doing anything to deal with the lethal combination mental illness, drugs and firearms that led directly to the tragedy.

While we’d be perfectly happy for the state of South Carolina (or any other state) not to fly the Stars And Bars in any capacity, the blatant opportunism of the current political kerfuffle is just one of those things we really despise about politics and the national media.

Over at the Washington Post, they decided to take this tangent as far as they possibly could with “Every state flag is wrong, and here is why“, where Alexandra Petri tries to take the role of art critic/insult comic as she analyses the flags of all 50 states.

This is what she had for Rhode Island’s flag…

Someone on Twitter whom I can’t find now described this flag as “hope being crushed by a giant anchor,” and that is exactly correct.

Typical. We don’t even warrant original thought; just a paraphrased Tweet. In a way, that’s fitting for the nation’s smallest state.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Flag Correspondent

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