The Wasted Talent Show Is Bringing Some Serious Comedic Talent To Newport

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Also appearing: Dennis Hofer.

You have to hand it to Doug Key. He’s managed to become Rhode Island’s Joe Piscopo, a strangely jacked comedian…without going the freaky Carrot Top route. Without the malformed face and tubby body of your typical stand up comedian, one has to wonder where he’s getting his comedic inspiration. It’s not like he had to learn to be funny to get the attention of the ladies (or dudes, we’re not judging).

Anyhow, Doug has been running this thing called the Wasted Talent Show for a few years now. As best as we can tell, the way the whole thing works is that he meetsĀ all these comedians at cool clubs in New York, pistol-whips the crap out of them and forces them to drive back to Newport at gunpoint. Then he gives them a couple days to clean themselves up, work on some material, and puts them on display in the Hope Underground on the last Friday of each month.

This month, the show features:

Ray Harrington

Matt Donaher

James Dorsey

Nick Chambers

and Dennis Hofer

Wasted Talent Show July


-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comedy Correspondent

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