The Wasted Talent Show Is “Movin’ On Up”!!!

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Newport, RI’s stand-up comedy show has a new location for February 26 show!

Given that Hope has ceased operations until Parade Day and is on the market for $1.5 mil, Hope Underground ceased to be a viable venue for this month’s Wasted Talent Show. Fortunately, host, producer, presenter and face of the Newport comedy, Doug Key, is a lot more resourceful than his typical attire might suggest and he managed to find himself a new spot for the show.

Right to the top!

We’re not sure if there’s beenĀ a starker shift in venue in Newport history. From a Broadway basement, the show has moved downtown…and upstairs. Friday night, they’re taking over Studio 3 (the club on top of One Pelham East).

Andrew Williams

Headlining is Andrew Williams, a comedian who is notable for being gay, which he discusses in this bit here…

Now, what we find interesting is that if you google “Andrew Williams comedy” you find Andrew and his material…but you also find another comedian in London who goes by Andy “The Ginge” Williams. So this raises the question, is it a bigger taboo to be gay…or a ginger?

But we digress. Here’s the poster with the full listing of talent…

Newport Comedy Wasted Talent Show February 2016

As we mentioned, the whole act is taking place in a new venue, but the photo reflects the previous venue…because it’s hard to photograph the future. If this upsets you, we can only suggest a solution to that and all of your other problems which includes self-immolation.

If you want a nice little reminder about the show, feel free to sign up for the Facebook event.

Wasted Talent Feb FB Event

So if you’re in Newport and like stand up, you really have no excuse but to show up and support your local comedy industry.

See you there.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comedy Correspondent

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